Potent Powdered Plant Nutrition

How To Use Hugebloom

Hugebloom Feed Chart

Because hugebloom contains no fillers or dyes it is very potent  so we recommend starting off with 3 grams to every 10L of water (or 1.5g 1/4 teaspoon to a 5L watering can).  If hand watering premix your nutrients and store them in a waterbut or suitable container with a fish tank heater, air pump and air-stone to keep the solution mixed , aerated and after a few hours at room temperature. This will ensure everything has dissolved properly, or if growing using a hydroponic system, mix the required amount for your reservoir volume into a litre of warm water and then add it to your nutrient reservoir.

Never! feed plants with freezing cold water because cold water slows down root activity considerably resulting in poor nutrient uptake and deficiencies! during very cold months we higly recommend using a nutrient heater to ensure your solution is always at optimum temperature for root activity.

Feeding Guide.

You can use hugebloom boost as a flower initiator by adding it to your feed schedule from day 1 to 5 of your bloom cycle which will supply your plants the exact mineral requirement to trigger an early flowering response and encourage abundant flowering sites.

  • The chart below shows the ideal time to introduce hugebloom to your feeding schedule.
  • Items underlined are consider essential, a standard feed schedule
  • Items in Italic are considered beneficial additives known to enhance yield
  • Bold  items are exhibition grower products which are known for improving quality, essential oil, smell and taste
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Hugebloom Hydroponic Feed Schedule
Bloom Feed * * * * * * *
PKBoost * * *
Hugebloom *
* *
Fulvic Acid * * * * * * *
Humic Acid * * * * * * *
Carbohydrates * * * *
Amino Acids * * * * *
Mycorrhizae * * * *
Enzymes * * * * * *
Flush * *












  • Apply PK boost product such as PK 13.14 from day 15 of flower to day 35
  • Add Hugebloom at 3-4g per 10L from day 35 until day 49
  • Day 49+ stop nutrients and begin your flush regime



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